I'm a full-stack software engineer who loves tackling new problems at any layer of an app from deployment process to database modeling to API design to user experience. My passion lies on the frontend and I'm always trying to experiment with the latest Javascript libraries and techniques. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Northeastern University in Boston though I'm now living in San Francisco. I'm currently employed by OpenDoor where I develop apps in React, React Native, Ruby, and Go.

When I'm not building things or learning how to build things, usually I'm chilling to smooth electronic music, cruising the city on my longboard, or out on a photo shoot. Sometimes even all three at once!


Full Resume

Open Listings

Wore many hats for the team at Open Listings. Since starting in October of 2017, the most notable accomplish was building the Open Listings mobile app in React Native. I was the only developer on this project and took it from 0 to App Store in about 2 months.

Some other things I do:

  • Major features and refactors in our large React app
  • API and DB schema updates to our Rails app
  • Working closely with design and product to ensure critical metrics are boosted in efficient ways
  • Mentor new engineers

Catalant Technologies

Built out backend infrastructure on the machine learning team after getting started working there in 2015 on a product facing team as a front-end web developer. Some projects I worked on include:

  • Major refactors of several large Angular.js components/services (e.g. our enterprise project post multistep form)
  • Fully owning the modeling and implementations of new features (database, API, and client)
  • Assisting migrate our local development environments to Docker
  • Implementing enhancements to current machine learning models
  • Building a model management service to control and rebuild our machine learning models across multiple environments
  • Internal data application to track in house analytics and interact with our machine learning models

Before that, I got started as web developer at Flipkey. where I used CakePHP and JavaScript to build out features on their main product site. My role included some exciting responsibilities, including collaborating directly with designers and product managers to improve user experience and increase user conversion rate.


I also do all kinds of web development consulting, I prefer working with small startups that need to build our their product quickly. I've done React consulting for Los Angeles-based Dreambase and Boston-based Breezeway. If you're interested in working with me you can get in touch via email at hi@jackburns.dev.



Overwatch Competitive Tracker

A personal statistics tracker for the popular online multiplayer game Overwatch. By inputting match performance stats it will display detailed charts and analytics to give the player an objective perspective of their performance over time. Currently in development, being built using React, React Native, and a CoolGraph GraphQL API.

Fire Emblem Optimizer

A character matching optimizer built for the latest three Fire Emblem games (Conquest, Birthright, Revelation). Input your your unmatched team and it will generate ideal pairings based off combined stats and traits. No server interaction is required, built using React.js.

Boston Housing Authority Volunteer App

An app to allow the Boston Housing Authority's Language Access team to manage their volunteers. Involved porting an offline Microsoft Access system to a full featured app that allows for volunteers themselves to login and apply for assignments. This was built over the course of a semester in CS4500 - Software Development with a team of fellow students.

I was responsible for designing the majority of the application. This included continuous integration through Jenkins, setting up our remote server in AWS, and configuring our local development environments with Vagrant. Later into development, I scaffolded our frontend architecture in Angular.js as well as rewriting our backend Django API towards the end of the project. This is in addition to database/API modeling and design discussions that the whole team was apart of.

3D Twitter Connection Visualization

A Twitter visualization that will render a 3d, explorable node graph that shows a Twitter users interactions with others. Made using Node.js, the Twitter API, and Three.js. Works best with Twitter accounts that have high levels of interaction.


A very challenging hangman game using Node.js, Express.js, jQuery, and Redis (be warned, the words used are pulled from a third party API and normally very tricky). Designed to never let the client know the full word. Additionally, session state and aggregate scores are persisted in memory with Redis.

CycleCircle (Web App)

Cycle Circle is a social app that allows cyclers to share their favorite rides using Node.js, Express.js, jQuery, MongoDB, Passport.js, and Google Maps API.

CycleCircle (Android App)

Currently in alpha release. Based around the idea of spontaneous social meetups, allows cyclers in an area to view and create Groupon-style rides that fellow cyclers can join in on.

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